All good leaders have similar qualities, yet women bring unique abilities to the table.   Women face many challenges in positions of leadership that men do not experience, but women are well equipped to face them.

Rod Sullivan appreciates the differences in which men and women lead.  He develops programs specifically designed to advance and improve the personal, economic and professional status of women in leadership positions.

Elements of the Program:

1.   Leadership competency includes emotional and social intelligence, interpersonal skills, prudence, conflict resolution, decision making, and the ability to influence others, among many other qualities. Women are well able to handle the roles of leadership.  Leadership coaching for women can help you develop and fine tune your unique abilities as a woman and an individual to help you be a successful leader.

2.  Taking initiative is a key quality of a successful leader.  Knowing when to take the initiative to get things done is crucial to leadership. But so is the ability to teach others how to empower themselves.  There’s a time to do and a time to delegate. Leadership training can help develop this important quality.

3.  Driving for Results. Perhaps because throughout history women have often been kept from positions of leadership, women now have an increased innate desire to get results.  Developing your drive to achieve what you set out to accomplish, and even to go beyond expectations, is an important outcome of leadership training.  Cultivating the knowledge on how to develop the steps to success will directly impact your desired results.

Leadership is important regardless of gender, yet leadership coaching geared specifically toward women can be a great boost to your career and to your business. Contact us today to find out more about being a successful woman in leadership.

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