Major growth at a company may be a time of excitement; significant growth means more profits, more customers, and a bigger business overall. However, a growth period can also be a very tumultuous time for employees and leaders alike. Some business strategies may only be compatible with small businesses, so plans may have to change when the organization increases in size.

This is why business coaching for growth is ideal for companies that are currently adjusting to expansion. Business leaders must be prepared to reconsider any strategies that are subject to change during company growth.

Rod Sullivan is a business coach that can assist business owners with honing their skills and prioritizing company activities in order to make the adjustment to company growth somewhat easier. However, business coaches can play other roles in a growing business.

A business coach can be a possible voice of dissent; and can be the experienced mentor who can provide feedback and outside perspective, which can be very important for growing companies. A coach can question your assumptions, identify flaws in your business plan, and assess what skills should be strengthened for your business to remain successful even after expansion.

Rod Sullivan is an experienced business coach who has worked with many companies and will be able to assist you in countless situations. He has seen every possible pattern a company can experience, and will be able to send you in the right direction.

Business coaching for growth is essential if you plan on growing your business over any period of time. Many businesses who have tried strategizing in isolation ended up failing; adjusting business plans to fit a new size can be rather tedious for an average small-business owner.

To learn more about how to set up your business for growth, contact Rod Sullivan.

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Rod customized an ongoing leadership program for our management team. We went through a learning process which helped the team challenge what was being done.

This process brought out issues that we solved as a team. We are a stronger team for having gone through this process.

Brenda L., Connexin Software
I highly recommend Rod for his work ethic, integrity and capabilities. I have seen Rod build highly effective teams through strong coaching and his ability to handle every situation with a strong, calming influence.

Rod has had a significant impact in my career and leadership style, helping me build the technical and leadership skills while being a mentor to me throughout my career.

Finally, Rod has a strong strategic vision that enables delivery and implementations to any type of project.

David W., Greenphire